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Marianne and Jonathan Mettes

I Feel Too Much

I always say the wrong thing
I always feel the wrong thing
I get excited and let my guard down
But in the end you only let me down

I always, say too much
And I, always feel too much
I move too quickly, speak too fast
I should hold back to make things last
Could I make things last?

I should learn a whole other language
So I can understand the things that you say
When there's silence and you say nothing
I can translate to say something right ... [more]

Full poem was posted 10 August 2006 by Marianne Mettes at Poems at Google

I Feel Too Much was written, recorded and produced by Marianne Mettes, and performed live by Marianne and Jonathan Mettes in September 2006 in Brisbane, Australia.   Below is a video of that performance!

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Studio recording of I Feel Too Much
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 Featured Artist: Marianne Mettes

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